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Kosten für deine


There are three different packages that I can offer you:


"All-round" doula package   : 850 € (including sales tax):
After our introductory interview, this covers at least 5 meetings around the birth in addition to being on-call (two weeks before and two weeks after the calculated due date) and the birth support. Each additional session in the doula package is charged at a reduced rate.


Doula package “Comfort”: 1400 € (including sales tax):
In addition, we are at your side as a team with all our knowledge and strength. You can attend all courses that take place such as the  birth-hypnosis course for women (“Conscious Birth”) and for couples (Elisa) during pregnancy, take part in our Blessing Way ritual (Kereen and 1 Doula), learn about fascia work (Anne), spinning babies ( Elisa, Anne), workshops on attachment-oriented infant care (Elisa) and diaper-free (Elisa) and take advantage of a closing ceremony (Anne and Kereen) after the birth.


Doula package “For you”:

700 € for the “all-round” package in the case of a difficult financial situation, e.g. with the Leipzig Pass, full-time students, single parents or for women who have already been with us,

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Bitte frag mich nach der Möglichkeit für deinen individuellen Finanzierungsplan. Ich biete verschiedene Modelle an - sicherlich ist hier das richtige für dich dabei. 

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